Welcome to the Woodwind Orchestra Online Portal.

The Woodwind Orchestra Online Portal is a website designed for the promotion of the woodwind orchestra, also known as a woodwind choir or woodwind ensemble. 

The woodwind Orchestra is virtually unheard of and there are very few such groups around the world. This website is run by the British conductor Shea Lolin.


The aim of WOOP is to offer other woodwind orchestras a definitive online platform for information and musical scores. A number of free scores are available for immediate download.

Please browse these pages to read about the history, functioning groups around the world, events and repertoire. Please do get in touch if you would like to set up a woodwind orchestra or need any further information.


Czech Philharmonic Woodwind Orchestra Recording


A second album of woodwind orchestra music will be recorded with the Czech Philharmonic in March 2023. Visit the funding camapign page to support>>


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