Original works for the Woodwind Orchestra.

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Ernest Bloch (1880-1959)

Prelude and March (for woodwind choir)

Alan Bullard (b.1947)

Journey Through Time (2010)

Gary Carpenter (b.1951)

Pantomime (1995)

Martin Ellerby (b.1957)

Sinfonia Aqua (2015)

Adam Gorb (b.1958)

Battle Symphony, Op.26

Adam Gorb (b.1958)

Suite for Winds (1995)

Patrick Glenn Harper (b.1977)

Excursion for Woodwind Ensemble (2006)

Patrick Glen Harper (b.1977)

Three Sketches for Woodwind Ensemble (2014)

Christopher Hussey (b.1974)

Child of the Wandering Sea (2018)

Christopher Hussey (b.1974)

Dreamtide (2012)

Christopher Hussey (b.1974)

Twisted Skyscape (2008)

Kamran Ince (b.1960)

Domes (1993)

Shea Lolin (b.1983)

Lux Aeterna (2014)

Patrick Miles (b.1962)

Two Polish Dances (2016)

Clark McAlister (?)

Bright Star (?)

Hamilton G. McLean

Promenade for Woodwind Choir

Philip Sparke (b.1951)

Overture for Woodwinds (1999)

Jeffery Wilson (b.1957)

Postcards: Play, Sing, Dance (2012)

Ruth Young

The Zoo Keeper (2006)


Judith Bingham OBE has been commissioned by the Bloomsbury Woodwind Ensemble to write for woodwind orchestra details>>


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